Windows 7 became very popular in PC users mainly because of its user friendliness. In the other hand, it is having the latest most stable security system ever built. Most people tend to use a windows 7 activator as they can't afford to buy its original keys.

Download Windows 7 Loader

Why Not a Keygen?

The important thing you should know is, most of the keygens and patches in internet are malicious softwares or tools, made by hackers to spread their viruses over the internet. It is always a good practice to scan all the downloading files with your up-to-date virus guard or using an online virus scanner like virus total. The advantage of using virustotal is, Your file gets scanned by at least 45 top rated virus scanners in the world instead of one.

Keep Your Windows 7 Installation Safe

When you're looking for a windows 7 activator, you can use your favorite search engine, youtube or a popular torrent site. Before downloading the file, you have to check the previous users' feedback. If most of them are positive, it is safe to download. After downloading, make sure you scan it for viruses.

Now you have a windows 7 activator. All you have to do is, simply click a button or two. Your PC will restart automatically, and then your windows 7 OS is patched and is genuine. You can always check it by accessing properties windows by righting clicking "Computer" icon in desktop and then selecting "Properties". It will show a genuine windows sticker if everything went well for you.

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